Which Browser is supported for the Clients?

Simplifier supports the following Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge Release N -1
  • Firefox Release N-1
  • Safari Release N-1
  • Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi Release N -1

N means the actual Release of the browser, -1 is the previous release.

How is multi-client capability supported on simplifier?

A separate container instance of the Simplifier is required per client. This ensures maximum flexibility for switching between onPremise and the cloud and guarantees the protection of data through separate processing and data storage. The Simplifier license allows the flexible distribution of users and apps on different Simplifier instances, so that an extensive client concept can be set up over several containers.

How can i try out Simplifier?

For trying out Simplifier we offer a Playground for instantly looking into the platform. You can access the Playground here:

User: demo
Password: demo

Please be aware that the playgorund will be reset on a daily basis, so all data will be cleaned.

If you want to test Simplifier in your own dedicated Instance, you can get a Freemium Account.

How can Simplifier be extended?

Simplifier is extensible in three ways:

We also offer free standard plugins for free extension.

Can Simplifier Apps be used offline?

In general all applications built with the Simplifier Platform can have offline capabilities. Data is cached and stored on the client device when offline and will be synced to the Server as soon as there is an internet connection again.

Can Simplifier Apps perform native device capabilities?

All Simplifier Apps run within the Simplifier Universal Client (available for Android and iOS) or within a web browser. On mobile devices there is full access to all native device capabilities in addition to features like Barcode Scanning, Augmented Reality, Real Time Audio / Video Communication and much more. All those native features are listed here.

How secure is the Simplifier?

The Simplifier uses state-of-the-art security mechanism to ensure security on all layers:

  • TLS 1.2 Security
  • VPN Tunnels
  • Username / Password
  • One-Time-Login via SMS or Google Authenticator
  • Certificate with PKI
  • Automated Testing for Application Server
  • Secured Framework against Session hijacking
  • Certified Application Server
  • CoreOS Updater, always up-to-date CoreOS against heartbleed & co.
  • Docker OS
  • IP-blocking against DOS attacks
  • SPAM Detection
Do I need other SAP Products to use Simplifier?

Simplifier is a Low Code Platform based on OpenUI5, though it is not SAP centric in particular. If you are a SAP customer, you have many products that Simplifier seamlessly integrates with and builds up upon. E.g. if you own a SAPUi5 License, you can easily use SAPUI5 instead of the OpenUI5 library. Simplifier integrates with all kinds of SAP APIs, onPremise Systems, SAP Cloud Platform & Services. Although Simplifier highly leverages SAP Products and Technologies, it can be also used to integrate with a wide variety of Systems and Data Sources. Keep in mind, Simplifier is a design and runtime at once, meaning that you can build applications totally independent from Software Vendors or Core Systems.

How is Simplifier different from SAP Fiori?

Simplifier is THE low code platform for UI5/Fiori apps. In contrast to the traditional process of creating a Fiori app by hand, in Simplifier apps are created based on configuration and the source code is generated automatically. Nevertheless, programmatic adaptations of the created Fiori Apps can also be made. A differentiation is therefore perhaps a misleading term because Simplifier fits seamlessly into the SAP toolchain for app creation and significantly accelerates the creation of Fiori apps. For this reason Simplifier is fully certified by SAP and is also available in the SAP AppCenter 

Is Simplifier Cloud-only or can it be used on-Premise?

Simplifier runs within a Docker Container and can be used either as a Cloud Platform or On-Premise. It is a full stack web-based development and customization platform including a design and runtime so there is no need for additional development environments.

To get Simplifier on-Premise or Cloud Images we offer several options: