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we simplify the creation of Apps and Workflows
integrated into existing Backends

Low Code.





Custom cross-platform Apps

  • Embrace transformative advantage with FIORI and adopt the FIORI Design System
  • Utilize FIORI as a holistic design concept and craft cross-platform digital solutions
  • Align seamlessly with user expectations and create solutions that captivate users
  • Offer a unified user experience and enhance user satisfaction

Visual UI Design and Application Logic

  • Design user interfaces intuitively with drag-and-drop interface
  • No need for manual coding for every element
  • Collaborate with End Users in real-time
  • Gather requirements through integrated User-Stories
  • Reflect visual application logic in User-Stories
  • Leverage automatic Application Documentation

Integrate Systems & Transform Data

  • Achieve seamless integration with existing Backends and connect Top Floor and Shop Floor Systems
  • Use the flexible integration layer with Connectors to SQL, REST, OData v2, SOAP, MQTT, or OPC/UA protocols and more
  • Streamline your data sources, apply custom logic in Business Objects and reuse Integrations in Apps, Workflows or via API

Build and use workflows anywhere

  • Increase operational efficiency through process automation
  • Design adaptable workflows seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes
  • Extend integration to legacy systems and cloud services
  • Achieve a perfect blend of traditional and modern technologies
  • Embrace workflows for both human and automated tasks
  • Reduce manual intervention and enhance overall productivity

Build Hybrid Mobile Apps with ease

  • Seamlessly develop, update, and preview cross-platform apps in real-time
  • Use the power of native device features effortlessly
  • Collaborate seamlessly with users for instant feedback
  • Streamline the quality assurance process¬†and conduct iterative improvements based on feedback
  • Execute automated tests on the fly and test applications simultaneously on all devices
  • Enhance the reliability of applications with¬†dedicated logs and debugging tools

See it in Action

Simplifier Platform Overview

Time Tracking | Simplifier Product Demo

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