Simplifier is a Low Code Development Platform for Digital Process Automation

It combines Application Creation with Workflow Automation and Integration as-a-service.

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Deployed Apps

Develop custom user-centric digital solutions

leverage state-of-the-art User Experience and create Apps that users love

Visual UI Design and Application Logic

say goodbye to high development costs and time-consuming coding and embrace flexibility and adaptability

Integrate Systems & Transform Data

easily integrate existing IT landscapes, legacy systems, and cloud services and perform complex data transformation ensuring seamless communication among diverse systems.

Create flexible workflows

automate your processes, create Workflows integrated in your existing IT landscapes, legacy systems, and cloud services.

Enterprise Mobile App Development redefined

  • Develop, Update, and Preview Cross-Platform Apps in Realtime
  • Use powerful native device features with ease
  • Test your app on all devices simultaneously
  • Collaborate with users and gather instant feedback
  • Execute Automated Tests on the fly
  • Dedicated Developer Mode for Logs and Debugging

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