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we simplify the creation of Fiori Apps and Workflows
integrated into SAP and Non-SAP Backends

Fiori Low Code.





Custom cross-platform Fiori Apps

  • Embrace transformative advantage with FIORI and adopt FIORI beyond SAP-centric applications
  • Utilize FIORI as a holistic design concept and craft cross-platform digital solutions
  • Align seamlessly with user expectations and create solutions that captivate users
  • Offer a unified user experience and enhance user satisfaction

Visual UI Design and Application Logic

  • Design user interfaces intuitively with drag-and-drop interface
  • No need for manual coding for every element
  • Collaborate with End Users in real-time
  • Gather requirements through integrated User-Stories
  • Reflect visual application logic in User-Stories
  • Leverage automatic Application Documentation

Integrate Systems & Transform Data

  • Achieve seamless integration with auto-import of SAP Data Models
  • Utilize Data Dictionary for SAP Data Models
  • Connect SAP systems through OData v2, SAP-RFC, or SOAP
  • Extend integration to non-SAP sources with SQL, REST, OData v2, SOAP, MQTT, or OPC/UA protocols
  • Implement Native Principal Propagation for SAP Single Sign-On

Build and use workflows anywhere

  • Increase operational efficiency through process automation
  • Design adaptable workflows seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes
  • Extend integration to legacy systems and cloud services
  • Achieve a perfect blend of traditional and modern technologies
  • Embrace workflows for both human and automated tasks
  • Reduce manual intervention and enhance overall productivity

Build Hybrid Mobile Apps with ease

  • Seamlessly develop, update, and preview cross-platform apps in real-time
  • Use the power of native device features effortlessly
  • Collaborate seamlessly with users for instant feedback
  • Streamline the quality assurance process and conduct iterative improvements based on feedback
  • Execute automated tests on the fly and test applications simultaneously on all devices
  • Enhance the reliability of applications with dedicated logs and debugging tools

See it in Action

Advanced SAP Features for UI5 Developers

Time Tracking | Simplifier Product Demo

You might have some questions:

Can Simplifier run on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

Yes, Simplifier can be operated with SAP BTP Kyma Environment see the Installation Guide

Can Simplifier Apps be deployed to SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

Yes, Simplifier Apps can be deployed to the HTML5 Repositors see the Deployment Guide

Do I need other SAP Products to use Simplifier?

Simplifier is a Low Code Platform based on OpenUI5, though it is not SAP centric in particular. If you are a SAP customer, you have many products that Simplifier seamlessly integrates with and builds up upon. E.g. if you own a SAPUi5 License, you can easily use SAPUI5 instead of the OpenUI5 library. Simplifier integrates with all kinds of SAP APIs, onPremise Systems, SAP BTP & Services. Although Simplifier highly leverages SAP Products and Technologies, it can be also used to integrate with a wide variety of Systems and Data Sources. Keep in mind, Simplifier is a design and runtime at once, meaning that you can build applications totally independent from Software Vendors or Core Systems.

How is Simplifier different from SAP Fiori?

Simplifier is the ultimate low-code platform for UI5/Fiori apps. In contrast to the traditional process of creating a Fiori app by hand, in Simplifier apps are created based on configuration and the source code is generated automatically. Nevertheless, programmatic adaptations of the created Fiori Apps can also be made. A differentiation is therefore perhaps a misleading term because Simplifier fits seamlessly into the SAP toolchain for app creation and significantly accelerates the creation of Fiori apps.

How can i integrate to SAP ERP R/3 or S/4?

You can use SAP-RFC , OData v2 or SOAP to exchange data with SAP.
Simplifier SAP Addon also provides plug & play interfaces for R/3 ECC 6.0 and S/4 if needed (Read more)

Do i need the SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK)?

No Simplifier Mobile First Apps running directly within the Simplifier Mobile Client including all native functionalities. For deploying Apps under your organization in the public app store, we offer a Mobile Build Service to compile your Simplifier Apps with our Mobile Container as native Applications for Android and iOS.

Where can I find further product information ?

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