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    Dear community,

    I have a similar topic to Robert’s post on January 11, 2019 regarding displaying an output from a SQL connector call in my app. Likewise Robert, I have created a SQL connector. Its connector call is tested and running. Also, I sticked to the example app (ITIZ_Template_SQL_ShoppingList) in building everything. However, when deploying my app (containing a search field and a text field for the returned value) I can see the results in the inspector but it doesn’t get displayed in my text field. My team and I figured out that the connector returns an array containing objects but the text field accepts only a string. So we made a work around by attaching a script that does the transformation.

    But that surely isn’t the solution and I must have missed something?

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    Hi Ksenia,


    you can do that mapping directly in process designer when calling your connector “CWTool->getLand” assuming that your output parameter in the getLand call of your connector has a variable of type json object (structure) or a simple string type.

    If you have an input field on your screen I assume that you’re expecting not several values (no array) as output from your connector.

    If not use a table instead of the input field. Then you can map the array of the connector result to the items (e.g. columnlistItems) of the table.


    Best regards



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