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Vacation Request

The Vacation Request template app is designed to digitalize the process of managing and monitoring employees’ leave requests in your company. The process is built with Simplifier’s new feature, the workflow engine. The workflow engine is a comfortable tool to design consecutive tasks that involve interactions between multiple user groups. If you want to get familiar with workflows in Simplifier and discover possible use cases, just download the Vacation Request template app and see how it is set up.

The Vacation Request template app is connected to SAP, so all information about the employees’ leave periods will be savely stored in your company’s SAP system. The app also connects to your Microsoft Calendar system to write calendar entries for each confirmed vacation request, but this is an optional feature and thus not required for the app’s functionality. Other than Simplifier and SAP, you do not need a third party system to manage your leave requests. If your company does not use SAP, you can also customize the Vacation Request template app to store all data in another backend, like an SQL database.

Mapping the process of submitting, approving, declining and monitoring vacation requests to a digital workflow reduces communication time between employees and their supervisors. Also, supervisors are able to directly see their team’s absences, which makes it easier for them to plan the team’s tasks.

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Key Features:

  • Separate views for employees and supervisors.
    Employees can see their own leave requests, supervisors can see the requests of all employees in their team
  • Workflow: the interaction between the employees and their supervisors is implemented with Simplifier’s workflow engine, which makes it easy to build processes and monitor their execution
  • SAP integration: read and write leave requests from/to SAP
  • Email support: write emails to your employees to let them know their leave request has been accepted/declined
  • Microsoft Calendar integration: create calendar entries for the employees’ leave requests
  • Customizable: adapt the logic to your own SAP system or use another backend to store the leave requests. Adapt the workflow of interaction between employees and their supervisors

General App Information

Publisher/Author: Simplifier AG
Version: 1.0
Last update: 01.07.2023
Languages: English
Compatible Simplifier Versions: 8.0+
Requirements: Simplifier Workflow engine activated
Simplifier license must include workflows and automated tasks
SAP RFC connection with Simplifier namespace
Microsoft Graph API credentials (optional)


  • Download and import the transport on your Simplifier instance
  • SQLite Database:
    • Deploy the database scheme ‘SF_VacationRequest’ to the data source
    • Execute the Connector call ‘SF_VacationRequest’ – ‘INSERT_StatusNames’ once. This call automatically inserts the vacation request status names into the SQLite DB
    • Optional: adapt the status names in the table ‘Status’
  • User permissions:
    • Add the Simplifier users to the project ‘SF_VacationRequest’ and assign them the business role ‘SF_VacationRequests’
    • All supervisor users must have the group ‘Vacation_Supervisors’
    • All users need the user attribute ‘pernr’ where their SAP employee number is stored.
      For testing purposes, you can use the number ‘00070435’, which is a valid employee number in our SAP test system
  • Login mechanism:
    • Adapt the login mechanism in the app, depending which login mechanism is required on your Simplifier instance
  • SAP connection:
    • Connector SAP_VacationPlanning: adapt SAP system + login method
    • If necessary, adapt the leave type in these functions:
      • CBO SF_VacationRequest – checkRemainingQuota
      • SBO SF_VacationRequest – confirmVacationRequest, createVacationRequest, getAlreadyBookedHours
  • Email connection:
    • Adapt the sender in the SBO SF_VacationRequest – sendMail
  • Microsoft Graph API connection (optional):
    • Change username/password of login method “SF_Microsoft_Client_IDAndSecret” to your clientid/clientsecret
    • Change holidayUsername in SBO SF_VacationRequest – createCalendarEvent/deleteCalendarEvent
    • If you do not want to create calendar entries: remove the tasks in the workflow ‘SF_VacationRequest’ (send/delete calendar event)

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