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Standard Content 8.0

This Standard Content is based on OpenUI5 version 1.96 and only supported for Simplifier release 8.0 and higher.

This package contains the Standard Content for Simplifier. It contains the Explored Application, Widgets, Widget Groups, Connectors, App Wizards and other Artefacts.

With Update 5 we have introduced our new server-side Business Object ‘SF_StandardContentInfo’. It helps you to identified your actual update status of the imported Standard Content on your instance. Just test function ‘getContentVersion’

Please create the ”Default” endpoint on the instance to be imported, this is needed for the connectors (see list below).

For the endpoint only the name is relevant, please note that it is case-sensitive, for URL you can simply enter ”https://”.

When the Standard Content is applied to the instance for the first time, all existing widget groups must also be removed beforehand.


Please be sure to set the option ”overwrite” to true to safely update all artifacts contained in the Standard Content to their latest version.

Clean up:
Copy the default endpoints in the connectors that are required by the active system as well as later systems.
Optionally, the default endpoint(s) can now be removed from the connectors as well as from the server environment in the settings of the active system.

It is best to import the Standard Content only on the development instance. To ensure that widgets are also available on the quality and productive instance, they should be transferred to the corresponding instances via the release feature of your application.

Once you import the Standard Content 8.0 the Application SF_Example_PDF will not work anymore. Please download and import the latest version of the SF_Example_PDF Application from our Marketplace to fix this issue.

Release Notes

Here is a summary of all the changes that are included in the initial version of the Standard Content for Simplifier 8.0.

Visit the changelog to view all information on our updates to Simplifier 8.0 Standard Content

Business Objects

We have deconstructed the Business Objects from the Standard Content and replaced the single ‘Utility’ Business Object with several new Business Objects, grouping related functions within each one. Here is a list of the new Business Objects:

Server-Side Business Objects:
SF_User, managing user-related operations in the system, including user creation, group and role verification, information retrieval, and password resetting.
SF_PDF, utilizing the Plugin “pdfPlugin” to generate PDFs using templates.
SF_Mockdata, providing you with functions that either generate mock data or return static test data.

Client-Side Business Objects:
SF_AppSettings, provides easy access to application settings like themes or language settings.
SF_Browser, provides browser functionality like opening links, managing cookies, playing sounds, and writing console logs
SF_Collection, provides collection operations like length retrieval, duplicate removal, merging, and manipulation.
SF_Conversion, provides easy conversion between base64, JSON, and CSV formats.
SF_DateTime, offers various time or date-related operations.
SF_File, deals with file-related tasks, including reading, uploading, downloading, and converting.
SF_PopupTemplates, enables the display of popup elements such as message boxes and toast messages
SF_Printer, offers printing functionality for base64 and HTML content.
SF_Selection, helps getting selected items in various contexts such as lists or tables.
SF_SimplifierToken, fetches the current user token for authentication.
SF_Struct, provides functions for elements such as property retrieval from structured data.
SF_Text, handles text-related functionality, including partial retrieval, length count, and case conversion.
SF_Validation, handles validation, especially useful for simple forms and fields.

Additionally, we have introduced a new parameter called ‘passThroughError’ (Boolean) for each Business Object Function. This parameter is optional and provides enhanced error handling capabilities when activated. When enabled, two output parameters, ‘success’ (Boolean) and ‘errorMessage’ (String), will be included in the response. When ‘passThroughError’ is activated, all occurring errors within the function will be caught, and the Success Node in the Process Designer will always be used as the output. As a result, the Error Node will only be utilized for errors that occur outside of the function, such as an expired Token.

In the event of an error, leveraging the combination of the ‘success’ parameter which indicates whether the function was executed correctly from a technical perspective, along with the specific expected return values of the respective Business Object and the ‘errorMessage’ which will only be provided in case of an error, will allow for more precise error identification and resolution.

Form Assistant Wizard

The new Form Assistant: Craft customizable forms with labels, inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, and validation. As per Simplifier standard the responsive design works on all devices. Simplify your data collection and elevate your forms.


To facilitate a seamless Workflow creation process, our StandardContent comes equipped with a range of essential artifacts:

  • Standard Workflow Module: Default module where users can claim and work on assigned tasks.
  • Templates: “User_Task_assigned_mail” and “User_Task_assigned_push”: Ready-to-use options for Mail and Push notifications, ensuring swift task assignment communication.
  • Default Project: “SF_Default_Project”

To simplify the creation of clean and focused UIs, we have added our new library “SimplifierLetterbox” in Update 5. For more details see our Knowledge Base article on letterboxing.

The following standard content is deprecated and will be removed in Standard Content for Simplifier Content Release 9.


Widget Comment
Table_withAdd Use TableEnhanced instead
Table_withSearch Use TableEnhanced instead

Widgets can be still used if they are not part of Standard Content anymore. But there won’t be any fixes or changes on the widgets.

Server Side Business Objects

Business Object Function Comment
SF_PDF generateWithConfig Use function generate instead

Adapt usage to another function before release of Simplifier 9. Above functions won’t exist anymore causing problems in your applications/business objects if not changed before!

Client Side Business Objects

Business Object Function Comment
SF_Collection appendElement (Parameter useEmptyArrayIfNotSet) Parameter useEmptyArrayIfNotSet will be removed. Instead an empty array will always be used if input element is not set

Adapt usage to another function before release of Simplifier 9. Above functions won’t exist anymore causing problems in your applications/business objects if not changed before!

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