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Quality Inspection Template

contributed by Simplifier AG on September 21, 2022

Quality Inspection Template

contributed by Simplifier AG, September 21, 2022


The Application Template QualityInspection simplifies, as the name already suggests, the SAP processes for your Qualityinspection.
Due to the underlying Use-Case, this Template was designed primarily for mobile/tablet usage. It is still fully functional on any other device.
The App is split in two parts:

  • The main App providing search and filter functionalities for the Inspection Lots of the underlying SAP system.
    Note that on mobile devices it is possible to scan bar/QR-Codes to search for a material.
  • The Inspection Lots Module showing detailed information about a selected lot in the main App.
    This Module also includes all the functionality for interacting (e.g. approving/rejecting) with a specific lot.
    Once all the required steps of a Inspection Lot are completed and all the stages are either in a “Passed” or “Failed” state, an option to submit your final decision is available.

General information

Publisher/Author: Simplifier AG
Contact: marketplace@simplifier.io
Version: 1.0
Last update: 21.09.2022
Languages: English
Compatible Simplifier Versions: 7.0+
Requirements: SAP R/3

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