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Purchase Requisition


This application simplifies managing your purchase requisitions for your business.
The clearly arranged and intuitive user interface enables you to directly manage a specific entry or multiple entries at once.
The selected entries can either be approved or rejected. In case of a rejection it is possible to leave a note.
The app can be used both on computers and mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Technical information

Here you will find all the further information, including the general information, requirements, the documentation and links to further information.

General information

Publisher/Author: Simplifier AG
Contact: marketplace@simplifier.io
Version: 7.0
Last update: 17.02.2022
Languages: English, German
Compatible Simplifier Versions: 8.0+
Requirements: Recommended: SAP System in the Simplifier Namespace


  • The value of the user attribute “Release_Group” has to be set to “01” in the category “Purchase_Requisition”. If you want to test the connectors manually, set the parameter “releaseCode” to “TD”.
  • Example payload IS_CREATE for the Connector Call “__ITIZ__PURCH_REQ_CREATE” to add new Purchase Requisitions:
    • {
      "PREQ_ITEM": "00010",
      "QUANTITY": 10,
      "DELIV_DATE": "2022-12-12",
      "DOC_TYPE": "NB",
      "MATERIAL": "R-1003",
      "PLANT": "1000",
      "ACCTASSCAT": "A",
      "PUR_GROUP": "001"
  • For testing purposed the app gets filled with dummy data using the Business Object “PRA_App_loadDummyDataOnStart”. This Business Object creates and inserts up 5 datasets in the SAP system. This is done by using the Connectors Calls “Read_PurchaseRequisitions” and “__ITIZ__PURCH_REQ_CREATE” of the Connector “SAP_MM_Purchase_Requisition”.
  • The app comes with and utilizes the Connector “SAP Purchase Requisition”. The corresponding marketplace entry and documentation can be found here.
    Short summary of the included connector calls:
Connector Call Description
__ITIZ__PURCH_REQ_CREATE Create new Purchase Requisition.
Mandatory Parameter: IS_CREATE -> Example payload above.
Approve_PurchaseRequisition Approve a single or multiple purchase requisitions in SAP
Approve a single or multiple items of a purchase requisition in SAP
Read_PurchaseRequisitions Get purchase requisitions from SAP
Reject_PurchaseRequisition Select a single or multiple purchase requisitions and reject them in SAP

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