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Office365 Sharepoint API

provides access to Office365 Sharepoint API for managing Files


Office 365 Sharepoint API

With the API, your apps can do the following programmatically:

Create a new folder in a Drive with a specified parent item or path. 
Create a new folder in the root Documents folder. 
Return a collection of DriveItems in the children relationship of the root Documents folder. 
Return a collection of DriveItems in the children relationship of a DriveItem. 
List the sites that have been followed by the signed in user. 
Retrieve the metadata for a DriveItem in a Drive by file system path or ID. 
The simple upload API allows you to provide the contents of a new file or update the contents of an existing file in a single API call. This method only supports files up to 4MB in size. 

Check out the Microsoft Graph API documentation.

General App Information

Connectors: REST API via oAuth2
Publisher: Simplifier AG
Requirements: o365 Account, enabled Access to Sharepoint API
Compatible Simplifier Versions: 5.0+
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  1. Admin or Transport Rights in Simplifier
  2. Azure oAuth Login setup as Identity Provider
  3. Login Method of Type oAuth in Simplifier
  4. Access to Azure Portal