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Time Fusion

Time Tracking Simplified.

Time Fusion revolutionizes the approach to project time tracking, digitalizing the process to enhance company efficiency. At the heart of Time Fusion lies our advanced integration technology.

Seamlessly uniting systems like:

  • Teams Planner
  • Azure DevOps
  • Freshdesk
  • etc.

The integration possibilities fosters a cohesive ecosystem where time management becomes a streamlined, effortless process.

Our tool is not just about tracking time; it’s about transforming it into a strategic asset. By leveraging Time Fusion’s capabilities, you can reduce the time spent on manual tracking and focus on what truly matters – the progress and success of your projects.

Key Features:

  • Precision Time Recording: Log work hours accurately, assign them to projects instantly, and say goodbye to manual entries.
  • Seamless System Integration: Time Fusion integrates with your existing platforms, providing a unified view of project times, thus optimizing resource allocation and boosting productivity.
  • User-Centric Interface: Our intuitive interface simplifies time tracking and project management, allowing you to concentrate on your core project goals.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Harness the power of real-time reports from various systems to maintain a comprehensive overview of your project’s progress and costs.

Experience the digital transformation of time management with Time Fusion – where efficiency meets innovation.

Redefine Your Time – with Time Fusion. Contact us and take control of your day!

Capture your work hours directly in Azure with the Azure Plugin.

Now available in the Azure Marketplace!

The Azure Plugin seamlessly integrates into your Azure environment, allowing you to directly record your work hours within Azure and automatically sync all data with TimeFusion. Say goodbye to switching between different systems or manually tracking your work hours. With our plugin, efficient and accurate time tracking is easier than ever.

Benefits of the Azure Plugin:

  • Seamless Integration: Natively built into Azure for straightforward and direct time tracking.
  • Automatic Synchronization: All tracked hours are directly synced with TimeFusion, eliminating any extra effort.
  • No Additional Downloads Required: Everything operates directly within Azure – simple and efficient.
  • Flexible Project Time Tracking: Customize the time tracking independently and according to your project requirements.
  • Easy Evaluation: The direct integration allows for hassle-free evaluation of your work hours.

Download the Azure Plugin today and optimize your time tracking processes!


For first Usage
2,99€ (per user / month)
  • Min. 10 User
  • Standard time tracking functions
  • Assign times to projects
  • Native Time tracking in Azure
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Email support
  • Monthly billing


For growing teams
6,99€ (per user / month)
  • All features of the Basic subscription
  • Native time tracking in Teams Planner, Azure, and Freshdesk
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Invoicing capabilities
  • Budget management
  • Automatic reminders
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) login
  • Enhanced customer support via email and phone
  • Monthly or yearly billing with discount options


For advanced needs
Custom Pricing
  • Integration with SAP
  • Simplifier Low-Code Platform Compatible
  • Custom Features & Integrations
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Onboarding & Personalized Training
  • Advanced API for Custom Integrations

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