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Fault Messages

contributed by Simplifier AG on June 22, 2022

Fault Messages

contributed by Simplifier AG, June 22, 2022


With the mobile application template for incident management, incidents are handled and documented quickly, sustainably and flexibly. Users can access the application with different devices, such as tablets or smartphones. This offers plant workers a simple and handy way to process incidents.

The incidents are collected in a central database and can be managed, segmented, monitored and evaluated on the go. This increases transparency about the incidents and their general impact on productivity. The solution enables all occurring incidents to be created and processed. This gives management a real-time view of all incidents. The reports also help to identify particularly high-risk production phases.

Technical information

Here you will find all the further information, including the general information, requirements, the documentation and links to further information.

General information

Publisher/Author: Moritz Strauß, Simplifier AG
Contact: moritz.strauss@simplifier.io
Version: 1.0
Publisher/Author: Simplifier AG
Last update: 09.03.2022
Languages: English
Compatible Simplifier Versions: 6.0+
Requirements: Simplifier user, Mobile device (Android or IOS), Content Repository Plugin

Important: Please download and upload the SQLite Database so that the App will work properly (Template_FaultMessages).

Please also create the user and assign one of the following roles:

  • faultmessages_admin
  • faultmessages_user
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