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Standard Content 6.5/7.0

This Standard Content is based on OpenUI 5 version 1.71 and only supported for Simplifier release 6.5 and 7.0


This package contains the Standard Content for Simplifier. It contains the Explored Application, Widgets, Widget Groups, Connectors, App Wizards and other Artefacts.

Please create the ‘Default’ endpoint on the instance to be imported, this is needed for the connectors (see list below).

For the endpoint only the name is relevant, please note that it is case-sensitive, for URL you can simply enter ‘https://’.

When the Standard Content is applied to the instance for the first time, all existing widget groups must also be removed beforehand.


Please be sure to set the option ‘overwrite’ to true to safely update all artifacts contained in the Standard Content to their latest version.

Clean up:
Copy the default endpoints in the connectors that are required by the active system as well as later systems.
Optionally, the default endpoint(s) can now be removed from the connectors as well as from the server environment in the settings of the active system.

It is best to import the Standard Content only on the development instance. To ensure that widgets are also available on the quality and productive instance, they should be transferred to the corresponding instances via the release feature of your application.

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