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Office365 Tasks


With the API, your apps can do the following programmatically:

Create a new task object in a specified todoTaskList. 
Create a new lists object. 
Deletes a todoTask object. 
Deletes a todoTaskList object. 
Get a list of the todoTaskList objects and their properties. 
Get the todoTask resources from the tasks navigation property of a specified todoTaskList. 

Check out the Microsoft Graph API documentation.


  1. Admin or Transport Rights in Simplifier
  2. Azure oAuth Login setup as Identity Provider
  3. Login Method of Type oAuth in Simplifier
  4. Access to Azure Portal

Technical information

Here you will find all the further information, including the general information, requirements, the documentation and links to further information.

General information

General App Information

Connectors: REST API via oAuth2
Publisher: Simplifier AG
Requirements: o365 Account, enabled Access to Tasks API
Compatible Simplifier Versions: 8.0+

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