Basics (100)

Welcome to Simplifier Basics Course

This course covers the creation of an example use case for a feedback application and consists of 8 modules. You will learn how to create a user interface and display data from a database using app wizards. Add logic and interaction, create a login/logout using visual programming and learn how to apply a theme to the application.
After successful completion of this course you will be promoted with a badge that will show your Simplifier skill level within the community.

Module 1 100 - Preparation

Before you can start with the course there are some preparations needed, please make sure to have those in place.

Lesson 1 Before you start
Module 2 101 - Project and Application

Learn how to create a new Project and assign a new Application. Start building the App using App Wizards for Login, Data Display and Layout

Lesson 1 Create a Project
Lesson 2 Create an application
Module 3 102 - Displaying data in a table, Login

Learn more about how you can use the Simplifier App Wizards to quickly and easily map entire logics and integrate navigation between the individual screens.

Lesson 1 App Wizard: Create a Table with Details
Lesson 2 App Wizard: Create a Login
Module 4 103 - Stories, Navigation, Click Events and Variables

Learn more how to add more UI to your application by using widget groups and the layout wizard.

Lesson 1 App Wizard: Create a Layout
Lesson 2 Adding Content
Lesson 3 Create User Stories
Module 5 104 - Writing Data, Rights and Roles, Custom Events

Learn how to integrate interactions in the Process Designer, use global variables and display them by using custom events. 

Lesson 1 Using Click Events and global Variables
Lesson 2 Trigger Custom Event on Press
Module 6 105 - Writing Data, Refresh Button, Rights and Roles

Learn more about database connectivity, permissions and the benefits of custom events.

Lesson 1 Write data to database, setting rights and roles
Lesson 2 Add a refresh button and trigger custom event
Module 7 106 - Add Side Navigation, Logout with confirmation dialog

Learn how users can successfully log off from in the application and how to integrate dialogs.

Lesson 1 Extend Admin View with Side Navigation
Lesson 2 Implement Logout
Lesson 3 Create confirmation Dialog for Logout
Module 8 107 - Extend Navigation, Create PDF Screen

Learn more about NavContainers and how they can be operated using client side business objects to extend the navigation in the application.

Lesson 1 Extend Navigation, Create PDF Screen and handle Navigation
Lesson 2 Adding a Nav Container, handle Navigation
Module 9 108 - PDF Plugin and Template, Create and Display PDF

Learn how to create a PDF template and use it to display your data from the application in a generated PDF.

Lesson 1 PDF Plugin Introduction
Lesson 2 Create PDF Template
Lesson 3 Create and Display PDF