Basics (100)

Welcome to Simplifier Basics Course

This course covers the creation of an example use case for a feedback application and consists of 8 modules. You will learn how to create a user interface and display data from a database using app wizards. Add logic and interaction, create a login/logout using visual programming and learn how to apply a theme to the application.
After successful completion of this course you will be promoted with a badge that will show your Simplifier skill level within the community.

Our instance is not suitable for this training, because it is reset every day and is freely accessible for every user.

Module 1 100 - Preparation

Before you can start with the course there are some preparations needed, please make sure to have those in place.

Lesson 1 Before you start
Module 2 101 - Project and Application

Learn how to create a new Project and assign a new Application. Start building the App using App Wizards for Login, Data Display and Layout

Lesson 1 Create a Project
Lesson 2 Create an application
Module 3 102 - Displaying data in a table, Login

Learn more about how you can use the Simplifier App Wizards to quickly and easily map entire logics and integrate navigation between the individual screens.

Lesson 1 App Wizard: Create a Table with Details
Lesson 2 App Wizard: Create a Login
Module 4 103 - Stories, Navigation, Click Events and Variables

Learn more how to add more UI to your application by using widget groups and the layout wizard.

Lesson 1 App Wizard: Create a Layout
Lesson 2 Adding Content
Lesson 3 Create User Stories
Module 5 104 - Writing Data, Rights and Roles, Custom Events

Learn how to integrate interactions in the Process Designer, use global variables and display them by using custom events. 

Lesson 1 Using Click Events and global Variables
Lesson 2 Trigger Custom Event on Press
Module 6 105 - Writing Data, Refresh Button, Rights and Roles

Learn more about database connectivity, permissions and the benefits of custom events.

Lesson 1 Write data to database, setting rights and roles
Lesson 2 Add a refresh button and trigger custom event
Module 7 106 - Add Side Navigation, Logout with confirmation dialog

Learn how users can successfully log off from in the application and how to integrate dialogs.

Lesson 1 Extend Admin View with Side Navigation
Lesson 2 Implement Logout
Lesson 3 Create confirmation Dialog for Logout
Module 8 107 - Extend Navigation, Create PDF Screen

Learn more about NavContainers and how they can be operated using client side business objects to extend the navigation in the application.

Lesson 1 Extend Navigation, Create PDF Screen and handle Navigation
Lesson 2 Adding a Nav Container, handle Navigation
Module 9 108 - PDF Plugin and Template, Create and Display PDF

Learn how to create a PDF template and use it to display your data from the application in a generated PDF.

Lesson 1 PDF Plugin Introduction
Lesson 2 Create PDF Template
Lesson 3 Create and Display PDF